This Monday, 29th November 2021, Honorable Rwanyindo Kayirangwa Fanfan, Minister of Public Service and Labor presided over the 10th Regional Human Resources Management Training Conference – organized by Rwanda Human Resources Management Organization – under the theme:  “Creating Highly Productive and Engaged Employees for the 21st Century” which took place at Kigali Serena Hotel.

Participants included representatives of Kenya Institute of Human Resources Management; representatives of Zambia Institute of Human Resources Management; representative of DRC Human Resources Management Association; HR Professionals and Practitioners; Chief HR Officers; HR Directors, HR General Managers; Senior HR Managers; HR Managers; HR Officers; HR Board Committee Members; Senior Management Team Members; Payroll Officers; Staff In Charge of Administration, Directors of Finance and Administration (DAFs); Academicians and all individuals advising their Employers or Clients in matters related to people management across the region.

In her opening remarks and keynote address, Minister Rwanyindo, Guest of Honour, thanked the organisers of the training conference as well as participants from neighbouring countries. She said: “It is my greatest pleasure and honour to be with you in this 10th Annual Human Resources Management Conference. My heartfelt appreciation also goes to those invited and joined this session from our neighbouring countries.”

In his welcoming address, Mr. Karangwa Steven, Chairperson of Rwanda Human Resources Management Organization thanked the participants and recalled that the organisation is celebrating the 10th year anniversary. He said: “In the next two days, we will learn from the experts, we will have opportunity to share the ground of experiences,  but also we are going to celebrate the existence of RHRMO of 10 years.”

Minister Rwanyindo also said that through Nationl Strategy for Transormation (NST1), the Government of Rwanda has set the country to be a knowledge based economy. She said: “Our National Strategy for Transformation sets our country to be a knowledge based economy. H.E. Paul Kagame, The President of the Republic of Rwanda always urges us to think big and be ambitious in terms of developing our country, with this in mind, we cannot afford to fall into complacency of mere awareness on the importance and relevance of human resource management, we have to pass this stage and rather make sure that we are implementing legal instruments, policies as well as best practices in terms of human resource management.”

Minister Rwanyindo requested HR practitioners to shift from mere HR to professional HR, where she said: “The country, its leadership and its people’s development ambitions call us to quickly shift from mere HR to professional HR, where HR Professionals leave the HR clerical work to machines and focus on strategic HR function that brings institutional capacity and shapes employees who have the professional ability to perform and bring solutions and results.”

She also requested RHRMO to be an exemplary organisation, where she said: “In this context, we expect from Rwanda Human Resource Management Organization to greatly contribute in nurturing and creating a critical mass of experts and professionals in human resource management for our labour market to serve both the public and private sectors and boost the national transformation.”

The RHRMO Training Conference is scheduled from 29th to 30th November 2021 with focus on the following thematic areas:

  • Boosting Staff performance for higher Organizational results;
  • The new trends of work;
  • Creating ideal workplace for employees;
  • Reengineering leadership skills for Human Resource and Line Managers.

The Rwanda Human Resources Management Organization was born in 2011 with a mission to provide a national platform for promoting the Human Resources profession, standards and the continuous development of Human Resource practitioners and professionals in Rwanda.

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