CEO Forum "Apply the Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Corporate Governance" held at Kigali Convention Center on 10th and 11th July 2023

CEO Forum "Apply the Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Corporate Governance"

During the last decade interpersonal skills have become more integral to effective leadership. Where leaders were once seen to control, plan and inspect the overall running of an organization, in today’s more service-oriented industries, leadership roles are also to motivate and inspire others, to foster positive attitudes at work, and to create a sense of contribution and importance with and among employees. These contemporary leadership requirements have placed new demands on leadership training programs to develop these skills in evolving leaders and on organizations involved in leadership selection to identify them in potential candidates.

K2 HR Services in partnership with Rwanda HR Professional Body (RHRMO) conducted CEO Forum themed “Apply the Emotional Intelligency for Leadership and Corporate Governance” to up skill participants with the abilities to monitor and manage emotions, be more aware of feelings, effectively handle distressing emotions, listen to and empathize with their followers. The training will assist participants; understand how emotional intelligence can be applied in leadership and corporate governance; attain knowledge about human behaviour that governs particular situations; learn how to change past conditioning that may be hindering emotional intelligence. 

The main objective of the forum was to strengthen the technical capacity of the management executives on key EQ concepts and learn how to develop and implement these concepts to enhance their relationships in work and life by an understanding of their social and emotional behaviours and the effect on leadership and corporate governance.

Over 80 senior managers from public and private institutions attended the CEO Forum. The forum was facilitated by global award winning speakers that include Prof PLO Lumumba, Sarah Johnson, and Rev, Dr. Antoine Rutayisire. The forum was a highly interactive, encouraging discussions and opportunities for interactions between various industry players with different experiences held at Kigali Convention Center AD 12 on 10th and 11th July 2023. K2 HR services and RHRMO endeavor to have another annual CEO forum next year.

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