Discover MK BID, our E-HR and E-Procurement solution

Building a virtual marketplace backed by an E-Procurement multi organisation system for any needs of goods and services acquisition, providing a wide range of unlimited opportunities for companies and consultants, with a framework for companies to promote their brand; such are MKonsulting’s missions. Do you need specific expertise from any vendor? MKonsulting helps you manage the entire procurement process.
The coupled systems MKonsulting and MK BID allows:
All, Buyers, Vendor, Service Provider (Engineering, Consulting, Evaluation, Audit, Construction, Training, etc …) to:
-Create and publish calls for applications, job offers, internship offers, volunteering offers,
-Initiate direct recruitment by access to the CV Library of the HR partners of the system;
-Initiate open / restricted service requests or tenders (addressable to one or more specialize providers registered in the network according to your preferences;
-Processing of requests for clarifications;
-Submissions of offers, assessment and notifications of results;
-Suppliers to register in our network and increase their business opportunities through the MK network.
Recruiters (HR firms, design offices, Construction companies) to:
-To have an E-Procurement Dashboard for the publishing of calls for applications and management of all the recruitment processes;
-To have a CV Library to archive CVs by industry, area of expertise and specialty;
-To have an ongoing business management dashboard with other placement firms;
-To access the CV Library of other HR providers registered in the network and initiate an immediate recruitment, the system allows for each selected candidate, the possibility to have its corresponding cost, availability, CV, etc.
-Be promptly notified of any change of status, Etc.

Consultants and professionals from various business sectors to:
-Join the MKonsulting network by registering;
-To obtain a matricul number on MKonsulting;
-Have a candidate dashboard and be able to update their business profile;
-Apply to the different opportunities;
-Help you build an international career, grow your network;
-Help you link up with other actors / experts in your field;
-To be recommended by MKonsulting when requesting services.